My chance to take a view on climate change and make a diference by selling a Carbon Pricing Specialist

As a farmer’s son I have always been a keen observer of the weather and how it affects the flora and fauna it comes into contact with. There is no doubt in my mind that there are very noticeable clues that our climate is changing.

There is also no doubt in my mind that climate change has always been a factor, much of Britain was once covered in ice and that ice has retreated significantly since these islands were in the grips of an arctic climate. Indeed ice ages have come and gone many times. Previous changes have been driven by mother nature, what is different this time is that mankind is accelerating the change with our carbon emissions.

The majority of rational opinion seems to accept that we are accelerating that change and there is now significant scientific support for this view too. We know there are some significant climate change deniers too. Whilst opinion is moving into acceptance mode, our actions as individuals, organisations, and governments are lagging behind.

True the Paris Climate Agreement which was signed by c. 174 countries in December 2015 looks to limit global temperature gains to well below 2 degrees centigrade this century and most signatories intend to play their part, but it is a voluntary agreement being put at risk by none less than the President of the USA.

Global warming, caused by CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels, currently costs global GDP a staggering $1 trillion in damages p.a. Small wonder the UN, IMF and World Bank have all called for a carbon price: policy makers in government and corporations urgently need this price so they can account for the true cost to humanity of their decisions, activities, and investments.

I firmly believe every one of us has to play their part in challenging the naysayers and to make a contribution to protecting our environment and climate. As well as making lifestyle changes I am delighted to be marketing the World’s first scientifically based carbon pricing company.

Way ahead of the curve, the company I am bringing to market is the ONLY one in the world to have scientifically determined the true carbon price, based on the loss and damage caused by extreme weather events attributable to manmade climate change. This company alone can put a scientifically accurate $ price on this: dollars per tonne CO2 – not just tonnes of CO2.

This company’s exclusive, world leading IP and technology enables a huge range of unprecedented capabilities including: monetized carbon auditing of big-ticket projects like nuclear power plants; measurement of carbon liability of, say, proven reserves of oil companies; assessment of carbon liability Value at Risk (VaR) for asset managers across all industry and energy types including renewables.

So if you want to take a global leadership position in auditing your carbon usage, liability and the what value yours and other organisations have at risk, click on this link and if you are serious I can introduce you to the team.

I am not a climate scientist, climate expert or even a campaigner, but care passionately about this planet and the legacy we leave for future generations. So if I can find a buyer for the company I am representing, whom gives it a platform to ply its trade on a global stage, then I believe I will have made a small (albeit very) contribution to saving this planet. If you know a policymaker, asset manager, consultancy or government or academic body or corporation that is brave enough to take a global leadership position in carbon pricing then please pass this message on.

Rupert Trevelyan